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About Duckegg

Duckegg is a training programme developed around the requirements of the arts industry TODAY.

From humble beginnings over a decade ago in a church hall in North Lincolnshire, we have worked alongside Federation of Drama School institutions, Casting Directors and Industry Professionals to create a range of theatre classes for young people aged 3-24.

We believe high quality actor training is for EVERYONE. We aim to demystify the industry and tackle elitism, making the arts a viable career option for all who choose to follow the path.

But it isn’t just about nurturing performers, it’s about nurturing human potential – verbal communication, initiative and empathetic listening are key to life success. We develop the social and cognitive skills that underpin those abilities. LAMDA qualifications are available to all Duckeggs, whether you want to take group examinations for free as part of your class or delve even deeper with solo examinations.

This is not a place a judgment, it is a place to hone your craft. This isn’t a place for ‘stars’, this is a place to feel the fear and do it anyway. Our classes are small and intimate and your teacher is your creative mentor. Our teachers are qualified teachers with industry experience. We are a team, we are a family and #wequackdifferent!