by Haley Muralee and Phil Collingwood

One of fringereviews top ten recommended musicals across the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“… a weird and wonderful rock musical about cults, masonic imagery, Twitter and the real conspiracy behind the 2012 Olympics.” Edfringe Review

“Although set at the time of the London Olympics the themes of ‘A little piece of Heaven’ are very current in this new piece of writing by playwright Haley Cox. Performed by a very talented and confident company of teenagers, it’s a multi-media show, looking at the dangers of social networking.” Edinburgh Guide

“Kick-ass rock tunes” Lovefringe

Musical Theatre Network’s ‘Best New Musical’ nominated.

“Is everything a conspiracy?” “No, just the important stuff.”

Shanie is an internet sensation. Hundreds of thousands of followers, a dedicated online radio show and her own staff of believers – a collective known as ‘heaven’ – all preaching the word of the anti-illuminati. Impressive for a timid, unpopular 13 year old schoolgirl.

It is the eve of the London 2012 Olympic Ceremony and as the country prepares for a summer of sport, Shanie’s ‘awake’ believers prepare for the New World Order. She has become leader of her very own Zion, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Duckegg Theatre Company present a brand new rock musical exploring the information age, conspiracy theories, the necessity of lycra in athletics and the dangers of being a sheep.

Debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013.